Ozark Mountain Webfest Coming to Branson

BRANSON, Mo. -- If you love creating, or just watching films online, there's an opportunity coming up in Branson designed just for you.  

It's the "Ozark Mountain Webfest" -- and the organizers are calling it the Sundance of new media.

The webfest will be one of the Midwest's first of it's kind festival -- featuring film entries from talent all around the globe. They'll compete for awards and the chance to maybe have their work shown on Netflix or another streaming movie service. 

Shelley Waggener, who heads up the team, is no stranger to Hollywood. She's best known for her role as Sonya, in the critically acclaimed "Winter's Bone." The movie was shot in the Ozarks and stars Jennifer Lawrence. 

"We want it to be just like a regular awards show, where we're going to have presenters and everything. And we want to do an actual award instead of just a certificate. So we want it to be a level of prestige with this. Because if we are going to be the Sundance of new media, we have to rise to that level."

Waggener says you don't have to be a professional to enter the Ozark Mountain Webfest.

"Professionals, amateurs anyone who wants to enter. It's like a regular film festival, only it's just webfest. New content, new media... digital content. That sort of platform."

Jason Brasier, is Executive Director of the festival.

"If you have a web series, short film or even a pilot. That's what we're accepting this year. Anything made within the last five years."  

Waggener says the first announced guests of the Ozark Mountain Webfest is a very familiar name in Hollywood.

"We've got some big guest stars coming. Our first announced guest speaker is Val Kilmer."

Waggener and her team are hoping the webfest will encourage legislators to bring more movie incentives to Missouri. 

"We're trying to bring more production into town and this is a great way to introduce that, through the Ozark Mountain Webfest."

The Ozark Mountain Webfest runs September 28-30 at "The Event Center," located inside "The Shoppes at Branson Meadows." If you're interested in getting your work submitted, click here  for more information.

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