OZARK, Mo. – An Ozark man who admitted to shooting at another vehicle in a “road rage” incident in 2020 will spend 15 years in prison after sentencing in Christian County Circuit Court.

Blake Allen Doennig, 20, was sentenced on Jan. 6, 2022, to 15 years for shooting at a person from a vehicle, 10 years for first-degree assault, three years for armed criminal action, and 4 years for property damage.

According to online court records, Circuit Judge Jessica Kruse handed down the shorter sentences as concurrent to the longest term, effectively sending Doennig to prison for 15 years.
According to a probable cause statement in the case, a woman told police in December of 2020 she saw a black Chevrolet HRR accelerating quickly towards her as she turned at an intersection.

She told investigators she abruptly stopped her car to avoid a collision, and the Chevrolet eventually slowed down before reaching her. She honked at the vehicle and continued driving.

According to the court documents, the woman said the vehicle followed her and her family in the car through several turns as she tried to evade the vehicle. She called 911.
She said the vehicle accelerated behind her and she heard a loud pop right before her back window shattered.

Upon inspection of the vehicle, Ozark Police officers found a small hole in the back windshield, another small hole in the back of the driver’s headrest, and a small tear in the headliner above the driver’s seat. Bullet remnants were also found.

Using surveillance footage from a nearby restaurant and information from an anonymous caller, police identified the shooter as 19-year-old Doennig.

After his arrest Doennig told investigators, He said he had been “cut off”, became very upset, followed the woman’s car, and used the Smith & Wesson M&P 9MM in his car to shoot at her car through the windshield.