Ozark County Man Charged with Sodomy Granted Supervised Bond

WASOLA, Mo (Ozark County Times) - Jerry D. Studdard, 52-years-old, of Wasola, charged with forcible sodomy and two counts of statutory sodomy, has been granted a supervised bond release March 27.

During a hearing before Associate Judge Cynthia MacPherson. Studdard, represented by defense attorney Gregory Scott Taylor of Springfield, is charged in connection with allegations that he sexually abused multiple children over a 10-year span. At least one victim described in the court documents was younger than 12 years old at the time of the alleged abuse, reports the Ozark County Times.

A court document filed in the case indicates the release is a personal surety bond, also known as “own recognizance,” or an “OR release,” in which Studdard gives his word that he will appear at his hearings. Failing to do so will result in Studdard’s bond being revoked, and he will owe a court-ordered bond of $100,000. 

Studdard is required to be supervised by Court Probationary Services, Inc., a private offender-supervision company that serves an eight-county area including Ozark County. 

Studdard was also reportedly released to the custody of Paul Garrison of Springfield, who agreed to have Studdard stay with him at all times and also agreed to report any violations of the terms of the bond immediately to the Ozark County Sheriff’s Office and the court. The documents do not indicate how Garrison is related to Studdard.

Studdard is also required to abide by several stipulations including not having any contact with the 12 kids involved. Read the full list of stipulations here

Studdard is also not allowed to leave to seek work but can meet with his attorney, travel for medical care or pharmaceutical needs. Pursuing recreational activities or driving is also not allowed.

Studdard is ordered to return to court April 24 for a preliminary hearing.

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