OKLAHOMA (KODE) — A Miami man is killed and 11 are injured in a “car surfing” incident near Picher, Oklahoma in Ottawa County.

Authorities say three people were car surfing on the roof of a Jeep Cherokee around 3:00 p.m. Saturday when the vehicle swerved off County Road North 560, went into a ditch, hit a tree, then landed on its top.

27-year-old Bryan Mitchel McGuirk died from his injuries shortly after 7:30 yesterday evening.

McGuirk was thrown at least 20 feet while he was riding on the roof.

One of the other people on the roof with him was thrown 100 feet from the car and that person is in fair condition. The other person on the roof was treated and released.

Nine other people were in the vehicle–five were children ranging from just two years old to 8 years old.

That eight-year-old is listed in poor condition at this time while the others are in good condition.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said the incident was due to the vehicle traveling at an unsafe speed for a gravel roadway.