Officer Suspended after Accident with Cyclist

PECULIAR, Mo. -- A police officer in Missouri is suspended after hitting a cyclist with his patrol car.

The incident happened Thursday night.

And the cyclist's camera was rolling at the time.

"I can still feel how much it hurt," cyclist William Fasanello said.

Fasanello doesn't want to show his face on camera. He's still shocked and sore.

"In the split moment when I realized he was going to collide with me, one of the thoughts going through my head was how painful it was going to be," Fasanello said.

Fasanello says he stopped at the stop sign on 111th Street and Country Road J then pulled forward on his bike to check oncoming traffic.

"I did see the offending officer coming from the south but I didn't think that was going to happen," Fasanello said.

Just before the crash he says the officer was on his phone.

"I wasn't texting. I was looking at my phone. Either way. I know that was my bad why were you doing that in a turn. I wasn't paying attention."

According to Peculiar Police, that officer is suspended with pay while Highway Patrol investigates.

"Look at the way the fork and the wheel are twisted compared to the handlebars," Fasanello said.

Fasanello just wants a new bike and for people to pay attention.:

"You can tell them time and time again but maybe if they actually see somebody be injured because of that, maybe something will click inside their heads," Fasanello said.

The Missouri Highway Patrol says that distraction contributed to the incident.

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