November blew in with record cold temperatures across the Ozarks, which is ironic, because October didn’t set any records in Springfield. Let’s take a look at how the rest of the Ozarks faired.

October Records:

  • Oct 23rd Vichy/Rolla record high of 83 broke the old record of 82 set in 1899.
  • Oct 25th West Plains record warmest low temperature of 65 broke the old record of 59 set in 1991.
  • Oct 25th Vichy/Rolla record warmest low of 67 broke the old record of 63 set in 1963.
  • Oct 30th Vichy/Rolla record low of 22 broke the old record of 28 set in 1954.
  • Oct 31st West Plains record low of 23 broke the old record of 24 set in 1949.
  • Oct 31st Vichy/Rolla record low of 22 tied the old record set in 1898.

Category Springfield Joplin West Plains Vichy/Rolla
Maximum Temperature 89 88 87 88
Minimum Temperature 23 22 23 22
Average Mean Temperature 59.2 60.2 59.3 57.8
Departure from Normal +0.6 +0.9 +1.4 +0.7

Springfield’s average temperatures of 59.2° was the 50th warmest October out of 136 years on record. West Plains ended the month with an average temperature of 59.3°, which was the 19th warmest October out of 76 years on record.

As far as rainfall goes, October was a good month for most places when it comes to busting the drought. Average (for Springfield) precipitation is 3.60″, and Springfield picked up 4.24″. Rolla and Rolla both ended the month in a deficit.

Over the next month, average temperatures will drop by about 10°. As far as precipitation goes, November and December are similar, where the average is 3.56″.