North Meets South Korea - Prepping for Summit

An historic summit got underway this morning in the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea.  North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un stepped across the countries' shared border for a sitdown with South Korea's president.  

It was a border crossing 65 years in the making.

On Friday morning, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un stepped over the line separating his country from South Korea.
By doing so, he became the first North Korean ruler to set foot there since 1953.

Kim was greeted by South Korean President Moon Jae-In.
The two shook hands,then went inside the so-called 'peace house' meeting facility in the demilitarized zone to begin their daylong summit.

This round of talks is aimed at laying the groundwork for President Trump's upcoming meeting with Kim.
The most pressing issue for all sides is North Korea's nuclear weapons program.
Kim has recently indicated a willingness to shut it down.

Many South Koreans are skeptical.
This Seoul resident said he's worried because he suspects his country will be deceived by the north.

A retired South Korean general expressed similar doubts about Kim's intentions.  "I think we really need to double check what he is saying... does he really mean he is going to give up all of this?" warns Bum Chun, South Korean Lt. General, Retired.

Elsewhere in South Korea, a group of protesters gathered to denounce the summit.
They said Pyongyang deserves a military intervention instead of diplomacy.

President Trump said yesterday he is considering three or four dates as well as five locations for a potential meeting with Kim Jong Un. The president has said he had hoped to set up a face to face sometime in May or June.

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