SPRINGFIELD, Mo. —  A local non-profit is spending time this holiday season making sure others are taken care of.

GO 61’s mission is to reclaim people from human trafficking.

The ministry is putting together blessing bags for people in the community to deliver to the homeless.

The bags are filled with food and hygiene items– as well as an eight page printed resource manual for things like healthcare, housing assistance, and job assistance.

“This is a way to turn our compassion into action,” said GO 61 Director Casey Alvarez.

GO 61 is making it a mission this holiday season to provide 400-500 of these bags to those in need.

“Just keep them in your car,” said Alvarez.  “And when you’re driving around and see someone on a street corner, you can bless them with that.”

Volunteers have been busy gathering supplies to make the holiday season, for those struggling, a little bit brighter.

“Community members will be able to provide an immediate mercy and relief for these people,” said Alvarez.  “But also, point them in the right direction by handing out these bags where they can get long-term help.”

“I think a really important part of volunteering within our community is making sure we get to help those in need,” said Volunteer Madison Allman.

With snacks, hygiene items and a list of helpful resources– the blessing bags will fill a void in the lives of those living without these necessities in the Ozarks.

“I think it’s great for parents to model for their kids,” said Alvarez.  “Instead of just driving by– stopping and showing grace and saying I see you, I want to help– I’m thinking about you.”

People in the community can pick up a blessing bag at 905 W. Katella in Springfield from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Black Friday.

You can bring two cans of soup to help restock the organization’s food pantry as well.