JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The famous tune Home on the Range starts, “Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam.” It’s a message oddly similar to one piece of paper circulating around Missouri mailboxes.

The Missouri Department of Conservation wants landowners to know, no, they are not sending buffaloes to your home. An apparent prank has some Missourians wondering if that might be the case.

Imposters are placing letters into various Missouri mailboxes with the MDC logo stamped onto it. MDC shared about the letters Wednesday via Facebook, catching the attention of thousands and leading some to comment with buffalo puns.

The letter’s message reads:

“Greetings Land Owner:

Your Conservation Commission wishes to announced that the land surrounding your home has been selected as a Game Preserve and that the first shipment of 500 Buffaloes will arrive at your home Thursday at 3:45 a.m. on June the 29th, 2023.”

The letter doesn’t ask for anything specific of the recipients, but it appears to have some typos in it and the printing looks a bit suspicious. MDC says if you see one like this, it’s not a real letter and it’s not from them.

MDC spokesperson Dan Zarlinga tells FOX 2 these letters have mostly been arriving in mailboxes in Franklin and Wayne Counties over the past week. MDC doesn’t know who might be behind these letters or the potential motive behind them.

Zarlinga says the situation is being handled internally by MDC staff in Jefferson City and law enforcement has not been involved.