NIXA, Mo. — Cassidy Station is adding an event space to Estes Farm in Nixa. After opening a mercantile store in December of 2022 and a flower shop in February, they are now opening their wedding venue. 

The Estes farm was established in 1872, Kyle Estes, the current owner, said this farm has been in his family for generations. 

“Some of these buildings are the original buildings, the barn and the smokehouse,” Estes said. “And even this house is over 100 years old.” 

Estes said he’s been dreaming of Cassidy Station for years. It sits on part of the fully operational Estes Farm located between Nixa and Ozark. His goal is to preserve the history and the agricultural aspects. 

“I still farm and every day I have cows. I have horses, I have sheep.” Estes said. “And so all of the aspects that we’ve brought in from the store to the event spaces are really just ways of saving that agricultural portion of it.” 

Estes has a lot of sentimental value in the land as well. 

“This has made it 150 years in this family,” Estes said. “And so, you know, the thought of a bunch of houses or whatever going up out here and people driving by and every day and knowing that this family wasn’t here for that long, I mean, that’s a sad thought for me.” 

Nixa area real estate agent, Joy Bray, said that thought is a reality, as more people are moving to Nixa. 

“One of the big draws is we’ve got a lot of great restaurants. And of course, we have those blue ribbon schools which people love,” said Bray. “I would say it’s been pretty consistent with the sales. I just think that people are realizing more and more that Nixa is just a great place to live.” 

With the continued growth, Bray said a business like Cassidy Station would be a great addition to the community. 

“Christian County has come a really long way, but we still have our agriculture and our farming roots,” Bray said. “So, with places like Cassidy Station, which is amazing, you really get the best of both worlds.” 

Cassidy Station is now accepting bookings at their event space and their flower shop and mercantile store are open too.