PIERRE PART, LA (WVLA) — At a time when we could all use a hug, a local woman is finding a creative way to give them amid the Coronavirus outbreak.
Our NBC Local 33’s Crystal Whitman has more on the emotional story.

In the age of social distancing, a Louisiana grandmother, Kathy Alleman says her desire to hugg her family inspired her
to create a hugging curtain.

“I just love my curtain. I was able to hug my parents for the first time in over three weeks and I’m waiting on my grandson.
I can’t wait to hug him and squeeze him and kiss him,” says Alleman.

The reunion video of her hugging her parents for the first time in weeks went viral.

“I told her I really missed my hugs,” says Alleman’s father, C.J. Cavalier. “Well she went on she went right to work
and a couple of hours we were over here hugging,” Cavalier said.

“I’m proud of her I really am. Her hugs are on another level of just being intense,” says Cavalier.

Our news cameras were rolling to capture her hugging her four year-old grandson for the first time in what felt like
forever, proving at a time of such uncertainty, we all feel better after getting a hug.

Alleman says she sanitizes the hug curtain after each hug.