New Ride in Branson Let's People Fly

BRANSON, Mo. -- Whoever said that humans can't fly, a new attraction in Branson is proving them wrong.

It's called Fritz's Aerodium at Fritz's Adventures on the strip. It is allowing human beings to defy the laws of gravity. Some Branson city leaders got in on the fun, like City Administrator, Stan Dobbins. 

"It was so wonderful. And you felt this sense of freedom," Dobbins said, "But it was a workout. It was challenging to stay over that centrical force to keep you airborne. It was amazing." 

Aerodium is the inventor of vertical wind tunnels. The one at Fritz's Adventures in Branson, is the first of it's kind in the nation.

Jake Schenk is the general manager of Fritz's Adventure.

"You're flying in the open air and you'll fly with a flying instructor the entire time," Schenk said, "And so essentially you'll get to the wind stream and you'll lean into it...and they will adjust body positioning."

When it comes to leading the city, Mayor Karen Best may be fearless, but when it comes to flying, that's a different story. 

"Oh my gosh! That was the most amazing thrill ride I've ever been on," said Mayor Best, "My heart is still racing. I have to tell you if I didn't have Claudio..I would have never gotten on it to start with."

"I have two bone on bone knees, and so even if you have two bone on bone knees, you can do this ride," she said.

Branson Fire Chief Ted Martin shared his thoughts about Aerodium, after he "landed." 

"I think it's good for about every age group -- and what a great experience, said Chief Martin, "Just one more great attraction here in our community."

Fritz's Aerodium officially opens to the public on Saturday, June 2nd.

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