New Colobus Monkey Born at DPZ

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- We're taking you live this morning to the Dickerson Park Zoo on KOLR10 Daybreak, where zookeeper Tracy Campbell joins us.

He's in the zoo's hospital building where we have a newcomer to the zoo -- a baby colobus monkey and mother, Asante. 

Dickerson Park Zoo is pleased to announce the birth of a black and white colobus monkey. The baby was born January 25, and both mother and baby are doing well.  She has not been named yet.

"Colobus monkeys are from Africa.  They kind of live on the edges of the savanna, up in the trees." Campbell says.

Colobus monkeys are born with their eyes open and weigh approximately one pound.  The new baby is all white.  But she won't stay that way.  "By a year's age, they'll be fully colored," Campbell said.  "She'll actually be getting the black on her head pretty soon."  

"She is actually betting pretty exploratory right now.  It will be 3 to 4 years before she'll be full-sized." Campbell said.

"The colobus exhibit is open to the public; however, there is a good chance mom will choose to stay in the indoor area out of site," said zoo spokeswoman Joey Powell. "She's holding her baby pretty close and shielding it from view."

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