SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Police have made two arrests after a man was shot to death in the backyard of a Springfield home on May 3.

Police responded to a shots fired call near the intersection of National and Turner.

“We just wake up and we have police telling us that someone was killed in the backyard,” a couple said. They live in the house where police found Johnson. “It was actually also very shocking to know that somebody could be shot so close. It’s still sad to know that somebody lost their life.”

Ronald Curnow and Payne Morse have been identified as suspects in the death of Jimmie Johnson III. A probable cause statement says Curnow shot Johnson because he believed Johnson had stolen from him. Morse is accused of hiding the murder weapon.

Springfield’s Police Chief says it was quick work by investigators that led to two suspects in May 3 homicide being arrested and charged in less than 48 hours.

“I’m very relieved that they have the two people in custody that did it,” neighbor Darron Williams said. “But it’s very sad at the same time. It’s very unfortunate and very sad that the young man that lost his life had to lose his life so senselessly.”

Both neighbors are relieved to know the accused killer is behind bars. But, they are still concerned about their safety.

“It just makes me feel like I need to arm and protect myself,” Williams said.

In 2023, police have arrested and charged people in three homicides. There was also a deadly officer-involved shooting which police say was justified. Police are still investigating a murder suicide that happened in April.