HARRISON, Ark. — A community has come together to help a family in need after a child lost his life in a fire last week.

The community of Harrison has been raising money to help raise funds for funeral expenses and funeral costs for the Bell Tovey family, who not only lost their home but also lost their 6-year-old son Levi Bell Tovey to the fire.

Ronnie Gene Bell, Levi’s mother, tells OzarksFirst that the family is extremely grateful for the donations.

“He was an amazing, beautiful kid,” Bell said, “And we’re thankful for everything everyone has done for us we really, from the bottom of my heart, we cannot thank you enough.”

The total donations have nearly reached $10,000.

“We’re trying to help them get back on their feet and he had a sister that is, you know, surviving,” said GoFundMe organizer Lauren Heald. “Basically that’s all I can say is they’re surviving.”

“My son deserves every bit of love and support that he’s getting right now,” Bell said.

The Bell Tovey family said they are thankful the community can come together during their time of need.

It’s just the hardest thing any of us have ever had to deal with,” Teresa Bell, the aunt of the victims, said. “This community has done way more than I ever expected. I mean, people that we don’t even know has done stuff, they don’t even know them. It shows the town, it really does I’m blown away by it.”

Levi was described as a typical, happy 6-year-old boy.

“My son was beautiful, he would parkour off every wall, I mean I couldn’t take him to a store,” Bell said. He was good at everything he did, he was caring, he was nurturing, he always smiled and he loved school and he loved his momma the most.”

Bell stressed how even though nothing can replace Levi, she is still extremely grateful for the outpouring of support.

“Don’t ever take for granted what you’ve got,” Bell said. “If you’ve got kids, hold them a little longer.”

The fire started close to 4 a.m. According to the fire department, it began in the garage area and spread to the house.

“I grabbed my husband’s hand, and I said, ‘Honey are we dreaming?’ because I couldn’t see anything, and he said ‘No baby the house is on fire,’” Bell said.

Family members say the 8-year-old daughter was the one who woke everyone up and tried to get everyone to safety.

Bell said she had to climb out a window to get out of the house.

“The doors were locked and we panicked, we couldn’t breathe,” Bell said, “And by the grace of God, you know, we managed to open a window. I crawled out, (my husband) crawled out. The rest is really just a horrific story, it’s just a traumatizing thing watching that but I am fortunate for what I have left.”

When firefighters arrived, the home was almost fully engulfed and burned for hours.

The investigation into what caused the fire is still ongoing.

To donate to the family you can go to this GoFundMe page.