National Weather Service Radar Tower Down

SPRINGFIELD -- The tower went out of commission just before storms hit Thursday night.

The National Weather Service in Springfield will be without radar for the next few days.

Just before last nights storms -- which brought hail through the Ozarks -- the radar went down as one of the gear joints broke in the tower.

The nearly 25-year-old tower is aging, and until it is fixed, the NWS has help on their side.

With their radar tower breaking down just before some severe weather came through, Meteorologist Mike Griffin with the National Weather Service says the NWS team was able to make it through last night, and Friday has gone smoothly as well.

"So far we haven't had much development with storms today, but we are lucky enough that we can dial in and look at our neighboring offices like Tulsa, Fort Smith radar, Kansas City radar, St. Louis, and Paducah. So, we look at those neighboring radars to get at least a little look at what's going on or what's developing over us in the Ozarks," says Griffin.

As soon as something breaks down, Springfield is immediately able to reach out for help to put out their normal routine product.

With the radar expected to be down at least a few more days, the NWS is relying on some other help around the region in case any severe weather happens to pop up.

Science and Operations Officer David Gaede at NWS is looking at a mesh of different regional radars at once watch over the Ozarks.

"It just gives me a first look at what's showing up on radar," Gaede says. "Rather than having each one of those radars up all the time on here, I can put this composite up here. As I need it, I can bring up the individual radars to take little closer look at what's going on."

This shouldn't be a necessary for long though, as things should be business as usual by next week.

"We have some special parts being ordered and being driven in by a crate, and a special team from Norman, Oklahoma to repair it on Monday," says Griffin.

Griffin added that with or without radar, information from the public is always important during times of severe weather, and encourages people to report what they see to your local weather services.

As always, you can keep on the latest breaking weather updates on the KOLR10 weather app. You can get it for free in your smartphone app store.

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