HOLLISTER, Mo. — Charlie Company, a group that brings Vietnam vets together and honors fallen soldiers, met this morning at the Missouri Vietnam Memorial in Hollister.

They gathered to hold their 19th memorial since forming in 2006.

“We’re here to honor Staff Sgt. Guy Shannon Jr. who died March 31, 1971,” Coordinator with the Charlie Company Memorial Team Gary Gilliam said. “The family is here with us and Charlie Company is here to bring honor to the family.”

Staff Sgt. Shannon’s Sister, Gloria Sue Seely, said she was not expecting the turnout.

“My brother would write home how proud he was to serve with these guys and I can see why,” Seely said. “When its that person’s family, it means everything.”

Gilliam said Charlie Company is here to let the family know the deceased was surrounded by brothers.

“They were not alone, they were brothers then, we’re brothers now, and our love has spanned 48 years since he died and we’ll never forget,” Gilliam said.

Charlie Company has held a total of 19 memorials since the organization formed in 2006.