BRANSON, Mo. — It’s common knowledge that there’s a shortage of employees in Branson. Now, a national staffing agency is helping the city solve that problem.

The agency is called Hive Staffing — headquartered in Oklahoma City.

Foreign workers are filling many of the open positions in Branson, but federal restrictions on these workers means the need is still there. Enter Hive.Staffing. 

“When I found out there was such a huge need here for culinary staff and housekeepers, I presented it to several different companies and I said let me bring people in regionally,” said Carrie Lawrence, CEO of Hive Staffing.

The agency is recruiting American workers from various states across the country and putting them up in Plato’s Cave in Branson — which houses workers from out of town.   

Some have come to Branson from as far as Indianapolis, while others are from nearby Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Lawrence says her approach to recruiting sets her apart from other staffing agencies.

“We’re putting them up in housing here at Plato’s Cave. We’re responsible for getting them to and from work with the shuttle service..or making sure that they get arrangements set up,” Lawrence said, “And then managing them on a day to day basis.. so being an on site representative here. The other agencies don’t do that.”

For the workers who’ve been helped by Hive Staffing Agency..Branson may not be just a temporary stop.

“They offered me an opportunity to come to Branson and relocate,” said Tara Richardson, a culinary worker from Oklahoma, “So, it’s been a great experience so far. Also..better pay and just a fresh start.”

“I’m definitely going to relocate,” Richardson said. And for her, it’s not just about the working in Branson — it’s the living too.

“I love that it’s a tourists attraction. It’s so much to see,” said Richardson, “Of course the lake out there..the mountains. It’s so much different than the environment that I’m used to..because Oklahoma is just plains.”   

Lawrence says that housekeepers in Oklahoma and some of the other cities she recruits from only make about $8.50 an hour. — whereas here in Branson they can make up to $12 per hour for the same work.