National Retailers, Realtors, Bankers Watching Springfield's Kearney St.

Springfield city leaders have zeroed in on the north-side Kearney Street corridor - which was once described as "hideous" by best-selling author and comedian David Sedaris - in hopes of making it a more attractive place to live and shop.

The stretch of Kearney from Glenstone Avenue to Kansas Expressway has been meticulously studied by city-hired consultants. Classic car enthusiasts cruise Kearney once again during monthly city-sanctioned events.

On Monday, City Council reviewed a plan that would declare the entire Kearney corridor blighted and create a 388-acre redevelopment area - allowing for developers to receive tax breaks.

It's something that the city has been getting a lot of questions about, according to Springfield's Director of Economic Development Sarah Kerner.

"It's been a wide range between national retailers and people who own property on the corridor," Kerner told the News-Leader.

(Story shared by the Springfield News-Leader.  Read the original article here)

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