(KTLA) – Tony Danza has been entertaining audiences for decades with his work on the big and small screen.

The actor’s recent role was playing the father of the bride to his daughter, Emily, who tied the knot on Saturday night.

“I haven’t come down from it, it was just a magical night,” he gushed to KTLA. “I did a speech, I almost got through it. I got emotional, of course.”

Danza has been getting fans emotional with his latest performances of his live show “Tony Danza: Standards & Stories.”

“It is a little bit of an Italian fantasy- a tuxedo, a microphone, and a stool,” he said. “I’ve been working on this for about 30 years almost and it’s just finally starting to click. It’s because of the work. You can’t learn how to do this, you’ve got to go out and do it!”

While the audience has come to love the show, it wasn’t always the case.

“Oh, I stunk,” he revealed. “You see the early reviews and it says ‘he’s bad,’ but undaunted you keep trying and now we’re just really enjoying it.”

Danza’s very proud of the show but one important sticks in his mind when he’s performing- his mother.

“I wish she could see it,” he said about his late-mother Anna Mary.

The “Angels in the Outfield” star may be busy, but he hasn’t forgotten about his television roots. Both he and Alyssa Milano are set to reunite for a “Who’s the Boss?” sequel on Freevee.

But with everything getting a reboot these days- could it be the same for this fan favorite?

“It could happen!” he whispered hopefully. “I’d like to see where this guy is now because I’m so different from who I was now and Alyssa as well.”

Danza and his four-piece band head to the Catalina Jazz Club for their live show “Standards & Stories” on Nov. 1 through Nov. 5 in Los Angeles.