SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) — Whether you’re making it yourself or your grandmother is sending you home with it, this Thanksgiving you’re sure to have plenty of leftover turkey. Here are ten recipes you can try out to make sure you get the most out of the meat of this year’s celebrations.

  1. Leftover Turkey Stew

This recipe from “Eating Well” will not only aid with getting through that leftover turkey, but it will also help to make use of the veggies you have tucked away in the fridge. You don’t have to stress about what vegetables you have around, just put it in the stew and heat it to perfection.

Even better, this recipe only uses one pot. You can whip this together quickly to feed the family without stressing yourself out with the cleanup.

2. Turkey Casserole

Looking for a classic turkey-busting recipe? Here’s one from “Delish” that is sure to please.

This turkey casserole also uses leftover vegetables like the previous recipe and in a similar way. You can go ahead and put those veggies into the casserole when you combine the broth with the mushrooms and onions to add a little something extra to your recipe.

This recipe feeds six people and has a preparation time of 15 minutes with about 20 minutes to bake. This means this recipe can be quickly put together so you get on with your plans for the day — like wrapping all those gifts you got on Black Friday.

3. Turkey Tetrazzini

This unique recipe comes from “Taste of Home” and includes a video tutorial that shows just how easy it is to make something new with leftovers.

Using cubed turkey and spaghetti noodles, this turkey tetrazzini has humble beginnings. As many reviewers noted, this should probably be treated like a base recipe that you customize with more seasonings and additions. Several reviewers suggested that adding more cheese would really make this recipe pop.

The tetrazzini takes about an hour total to make, with 25 minutes of prep time and a bake time of up to 30 minutes. It feeds six people.

4. Turkey Muffin Tin Dumplings

This recipe from “The Typical Mom” is truly something new. Like the previous recipe, it includes a video tutorial. Unlike the previous recipe, this takes only 20 minutes total to prepare and bake.

This recipe uses a package of canned crescent rolls to create eight servings of a delicious bread wrapped around turkey and cheese. All you need is a bowl and a muffin tin to make this minimal cleanup meal.

5. Turkey “Carnitas”

Traditionally, “carnitas” describes a slow-cooked pulled pork Mexican dish. This recipe from “Serious Eats” turns that on its head.

Instead of tender pulled pork, these carnitas are made with the dark meat of a turkey and are boiled for around an hour with an orange, onion and a bay leaf.

While it takes a little longer to make, this 75 minute dish uses up the dark meat and the bones of the turkey that oftentimes get forgotten about in turkey recipes. It is worth the wait to have something that is not a turkey sandwich for dinner.

6. Turkey and Stuffing Enchiladas

This easy recipe was posted to “Ready Set Eat” and is likely not something you have thought of before. Enchiladas made with leftover turkey and stuffing will be a hit at your next family dinner. These enchiladas go far beyond the usual post-thanksgiving meal

With 14 minutes of preparation time involved, this recipe is a three-step process and takes around 45 minutes total. It serves five people at two enchiladas each.

7. Turkey Chili

Created by Natasha Bull at “Salt and Lavender” this recipe is one of many turkey chili recipes that Bull has made. However, this is the first one she has made using leftover turkey.

Serving six people, this is yet another quick recipe that your family will enjoy with the cool November weather rolling in. You simply sauté the onions in a big pot, add the rest of the ingredients and then you wait. It takes only one pot and is ready in 35 minutes.

8. Turkey Fried Rice

At “Ahead of Thyme” the main goal is to aid busy people in making quality food that they can enjoy. Using only a single skillet (plus a pot or a cooker for the rice), this recipe does just that.

While you are making it, you can go ahead and add in any fried rice appropriate vegetables you have that you haven’t been able to eat since Thanksgiving.

This recipe serves around four to six people and takes about fifteen minutes to make. It’s perfect for anyone in a rush who is still trying to eat a well balanced diet.

9. Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

This recipe by Lisa Hatfield at “Delicious Table” was inspired by her father and is like nothing you have ever made before. It is a shepherd’s pie but only uses traditional leftovers from Thanksgiving.

In her blog, Hatfield admits that at first, the recipe seemed like a weird idea. But then, she changed her mind and decided to give it a try. Now the recipe is a yearly tradition for her and her family.

Using all the fixings of a classic Thanksgiving meal, Hatfield layers the food on top of one another and bakes it for 45 minutes or until the mashed potatoes are golden brown.

The recipe makes a total of 10 servings and takes around an hour to make from start to finish.

10. Turkey Pot Pie

This turkey pot pie by Brian Neil with “All Recipes” serves 12 people and takes an hour and a half to cook. It’s your traditional pot pie with a slight twist — light and dark meat turkey instead of chicken.

While this recipe takes a lot more of a time commitment than any other recipe on this list, it is a classic dish that is hard to mess up. This five-star recipe will be a great meal for the family.