Multiple People Shot at Maryland Newspaper

UPDATE: Multiple injuries and fatalities have been confirmed.

CBS News said there are at least five people dead. Officials said they can confirm multiple casualties and injuries.

Police said this was a targeted attack on Gazette and the shooter used a shotgun. They also said he had smoke grenades.

Maryland officials plan to release the identity of the shooter "very soon."


ANNAPOLIS, Md. -- Multiple people have been shot at Maryland's Capital Gazette Newspaper.

Law enforcement has not confirmed whether or not there are casualties, but have confirmed a shooting.

People are seen walking out of the building with their hands up and traffic has been shut down around the building.

Law enforcement confirmed they have a suspect in custody.

Phil Davis, a Gazette reporter, tweeted that he was in the building when the shooting occurred. 





A witness says the shooter shot through a glass door.

More updates will be posted.

Watch live coverage here.

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