Mountain Grove Community Pulls Together to Help Family in Fatal Fire

MOUNTAIN GROVE, Mo.--We're learning new information on a deadly house fire in Mountain Grove.

One little girl is dead and four of her family members are recovering after being severely burned.

Community members say they're now left doing what they can to help the family recover.

The cause of the fire is still unknown to those who are investigating it. It is thought, though, to have maybe started in the basement. One thing that is completely clear after taking the life of seven-year-old Kylie Gonzales, this fire has damaged more than just one family in Mountain Grove.

Bag after bag brought in by visitors like Shealyn Riette

"I just scrambled up as much as I could and brought it in before work," said Riette.

The women behind the counter at Spiceberry Florist have watched them roll in all day. 

"We're lucky we live in a small town.That everybody gets together when there's a crisis."

Each drop off-- bound to contain just about anything. 

"I brought some glasses and some clothes," said Riette.

The perfect donation for the family who lost everything. 

"The clothes on their backs is what they got out with," said Mountain Grove Fire Chief Mark Bushong

He says Justin Robertson, his girlfriend Nichole Gage, and their three girls are in the hospital after a house fire on New Years Day. 

"It was worse than usual," said Bushong.

He's wishing their youngest, Kylie, was there with them. 

"When you get there and you see a house that fully engulfed the reality sinks in that 'there's nothing I can do to save this little girl.' That's what hurts the most," added Bushong.

Instead, Kylie is left on the hearts of the people in Mountain Grove.

"The hardest thing is that the girls would come in all the time. When their mom worked here they'd come in a lot too," said a florist at Spiceberry Florist.

To the neighbors she never met. 

"I don't even know how I would go throughout the day especially if it was one of my own kids," said Riette.

To each of the people who contributed to the thousands raised through one of the Gofundme pages made in the family's name.

" In the meantime, you can just help as much as you can with what you can to help the family through it," added the other florist from Spiceberry Florist.

"Makes me proud of Mountain Grove", said Bushong. "It's kind of like a family."

 Now the chief says he won't know exactly what caused this fire until he speaks with the family. However, last we heard the father, Justin Robertson and his surviving family are still recovering in a Springfield hospital. 

He's not expected to be able to speak yet though, meaning it could be sometime before this investigation moves forward.

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