Mother Who Loses Kids in Lebanon House Fire Speaks

RICHLAND, Mo.--The woman who survived a horrific fire in Lebanon last month is beginning the long road to mental and physical recovery.

20-year-old, Alee Malleck was the only survivor in the fire that claimed the lives of her 6-month-old daughter, Patience and 1-year-old son, Andre along with their three cousins.

 Malleck was released from the hospital on Monday and is staying with family. 

Physically she is pain free even though 15% of her body suffered second and third degree burns-skin grafts were applied to her face, but it's her heart that is going to take the most time to heal.

"They were the best kids in the whole world. Andre, he liked being gross, he picked his nose a lot," says Malleck. 

After spending more than a month unconscious in the hospital, Alee is now home struggling to adjust to a new normal without her kids.

"I keep looking for my son's Pack 'n Play and my daughter's bassinet and they're not there and it's really hard, but I'm trying to not think about it as much," says Malleck. 

Malleck doesn't remember anything about the day of the fire or how she reacted when she learned her kids didn't make it. She only knew that she didn't want to be alive without them.

"Whenever I found out about my kids, I didn't really want to be, I wanted them to be instead," says Malleck.

Her attitude has since changed and she has a new purpose for living.

 "I'm really happy that I survived because I don't know where my husband would be if he had lost all of us and I get to live my kids life through myself," says Malleck. 

Reporter:  "How does it feel to have your wife out of the hospital?" Alee's husband: "Amazing, we got to sleep in the bed all night, last night together, it was awesome."

Their kids leaving this earth before them is something they'll never get over, but Alee is finding peace knowing they're in a better place.

"I'm trying my best to think positive. I want to think that the kids are with my dad and he didn't get to meet Patience so I like to think that they're all together," says Malleck. 

Malleck received more than one hundred cards while she was in the hospital and more than $20,000  has been raised for her medical expenses so she wants to thank everyone for their kindness during her tragic time.

Also doctors say Malleck will need 18 months of physical therapy and she will be seeing a counselor on a regular basis. 

Fire officials tell KOLR10 the fire caused so much damage, they can't figure out exactly how it started.

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