SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – A crash during the severe storms last week took the lives of two women in Springfield.

One is a mother of five, Viktoriya Moroz. All of Moroz’s kids were in the car with her when she hydroplaned across the center line and hit another car.

“She was a wife that if one of our ministers would point a finger and say to imitate, that’s who we would point towards, Viktoriya,” said Moroz’s brother-in-law Alex Pechenyuk.

Moroz was described as an active member of her church and a mother everyone could look up to.

“She had a heart of gold,” said Cerena Kaps, a friend of the family.

At the time of the crash, Moroz’s husband, Daniel, was seven hours away.

Their oldest son, 8-year-old Nathan, was the one who called for help.

“When the car accident happened, he had to crawl out through the back window and help the kids get out of the car,” Pechenyuk said. “And at that moment, he didn’t couldn’t find the phone, so he had to borrow a phone from a shop next door.”

That’s when Nathan called his dad.

“It was just really heartbreaking for the father listening over the phone and not being able to do anything,” Pechenyek said.

Moroz was kept on life support for days following the crash. Finally, nearly a week after the accident, doctors decided to take her off.

“It was really tragic to see the kids saying their goodbyes to their mother that couldn’t even talk and just laying there,” Pechenyuk said, “And the husband as well, going through a really tough time right now.”

Kaps organized a meal train for the family that is already filled up for the next month. She says she felt compelled to take some of the burden off of the Moroz family.

“She was kind-hearted and she was a friend to a lot,” Kaps said. “She was a supportive wife who prayed for her husband. She was a caring mom that invested in her children. She was a woman that was on fire for God. She was just a really beautiful person.”

Thousands of dollars have already been raised to help the family.

“It’s not even the amount that matters,” Kaps said. “What really is so mind-blowing is that everybody is coming together and covering the family.”

“Five kids are left without a mother, a loving mother, a God-serving woman and a great wife,” Pechenyuk said.

Pechenyuk says the unity from different denominations is what Viktoriya would have wanted.

“They’re all coming together,” Pechenyuk said. “And that was Viktoriya’s and Daniel’s mission. They tried to unite the churches together to serve one God.”