Mother in Deadly Lebanon House Fire Fighting For Her Life

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.--The mother of two children lost in a Lebanon house fire is fighting for her life.

20-year-old Alee Malleck has been unconscious since last Wednesday's fire that took the lives of her 1-year-old son, Andre and 6 -month-old daughter, Patience.The fire also claimed the lives of their three cousins.

Lori Carrillo says her daughter is in critical condition and nurses tell her that even though Alee's unconscious, she's still suffering from panic attacks, most likely because of flashbacks from last week's horrific events.

"Losing them and the fear of losing her. I mean she's still critical so it could still happen. I'm hoping that she makes it through this, but I'm still trying to be strong for my sons, her brothers," says Lori Carrillo, Alee's mother, 

These days, Carrillo is juggling a number of emotions-starting with the grief of losing her only grandchildren in a mobile home fire.

"When I looked at the house, I thought I was going to be sick," says Carrillo. 

She's also praying that her only daughter survives a fire that has burned 15% of her body-burns primarily to her face, neck, and arms.  Doctors are keeping Alee sedated until she goes through all of her surgeries.  

 "The paramedics at the scene didn't even give her a 10% chance to survive, but the nurses that I've spoken to say they seem optimistic that she'll make it through this physically," says Carrillo. 

The emotional journey remains to be endured. While the new mom is unconscious in the hospital, funeral services will be held Thursday for her son, Andre and daughter, Patience along with her niece and nephews. When Alee comes to, she'll awake to a mother's worst nightmare.

"Emotionally, she'll have a long way to go. She doesn't know that her babies, and her nephews and niece are gone. Those babies were the world to her, they were everything to her," says Carrillo. 

KOLR10 has learned that there were no smoke detectors in Alee's home at the time of the fire so Lori says she'll be supplying her loved ones with them.    

The Lebanon Fire Department says the cause of the house fire is undetermined due to the extent of the damage.

If you'd like to help with Alee's medical expenses, there's a link to a gofundme account here 

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