SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — During the holiday season, there’s an increase in all kinds of things going to the landfill, and a big part of that is decorations and wrapping, especially a lot of paper products.

Paper is one of the easiest things to recycle, but not all paper is recyclable. For example, foiled paper, anything with a with sheen or glitter on it, cannot be recycled.

Ashley Krug with the Springfield Environmental Services has some tips for more sustainable habits during the holiday season:

Ashley’s tips:

  • use wrapping paper without glitter or foil so it can be recycled later
  • reuse a bag you already have at home
  • bag a gift into something that can be reused later, like a cloth bag

Decorations and other items:

Paper plates with foil or glitter on it are not recyclable. Paper plates with food on them are not recyclable as they have been contaminated with food waste. Choose real plates that can be washed instead.

Keep in mind that plastic cutlery is not recyclable, so think about swapping those out for real cutlery.

Ashley’s tips:

  • you can buy decorative cutlery at local thrift stores
  • Bonus tip: put them in a box and reuse them next year!

Go to springfieldmo.gov/holidaytips for more sustainable habits for this holiday season and to learn more about how to properly dispose of items you are bringing into your home this holiday season, like your Christmas tree, whether it’s real or fake.