SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Springfield police have solved all but three homicide cases from last year, but a double murder from December continues to stump detectives.

The hunt is still on for a suspect in the killings of a man and a young mother.

Police responded three months ago to North Link Ave. where they found both 30-year-old Deundrea Woods and 25-year-old Mackenzie Lashley-Childers shot multiple times. They both died from their injuries.

Now, Mackenzie’s mom is pushing for answers.

“I just would really love to see her get justice,” explained Jariee Lashley-Childers.

Jariee said she reaches out every single week to police to see if there are any leads.

“Until someone is found, they’ll get phone calls from me until I’m not here anymore because I will call and I will make sure that something, anything is being done to try to find who did this,” she said.

Detectives said, generally speaking, it can be difficult to solve homicides due to a number of factors.

“Sometimes witnesses are reluctant to come forward with information that could help detectives further the information,” said Lt. Bryan Welch, who oversees persons crimes that include the homicide unit.

Welch said while he can’t go into specifics about this case, as it is under investigation, it is always the goal to make sure people are held responsible for the crimes they commit.

“I want to go after these suspects, the violent suspects so we don’t have more families going through these same emotions,” he said. “Basically, get them before they reoffend.”

Jariee said Mackenzie had multiple children and they deserve peace about the situation.

“I would just plead with anyone to please help us find out who did this,” Jariee said. “We don’t want these kind of people out on the streets.”

Anyone with information is asked to reach out to the police.

Tips can be submitted anonymously by calling Crimestoppers at (417) 869-8477.