SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — The Missouri Department of Transportation is preparing all across the state as several parts of Missouri are expected to receive several inches of snow. 

Springfield and the surrounding areas could see anywhere between 4-8 inches of snow in the next 24 hours.

MoDOT said they’re ready to take care of major roadways when the storm hits but one thing they are concerned about are the drivers on the road.

“If you’re a driver and you get behind that gang plow procession, make sure you give them plenty of room,” said Darin Hamelink, the district maintenance engineer for MoDOT. “Back off. Don’t weave in between those plows — it’s very dangerous.” 

It takes four to five plows to clear the northbound and southbound lanes on Highway 65.

Hamelink says drivers will sometimes try and cut them off, increasing the risk of accidents.

MoDOT recommends that drivers give plenty of following distance between themselves and the next car or plow they are following.

MoDOT says they’re keeping an eye on the morning commute on Wednesday.

One advantage for workers is that once the rain turns into snow, they can begin working on the major highways and interstates.

MoDOT prioritizes major highways and interstates first and will then coordinate with cities on working to clear roads in towns.

“One bright spot is that we have gotten several emergency workers signed up to help us plow this event and we do have some contractors help plow a few of the rest areas for us,” said Hamelink.

MoDOT said that each new driver will do a ride-along with an experienced driver and watch them operate. Then they will switch and the new driver will start to plow while the experienced driver watches over. 

Springfield Public Works crews said as soon as the transition from rain to snow occurs, they are ready to jump into action.

“We definitely expect this to be a plowable event,” said Springfield Superintendent of Streets Colten Harris. “We’ll be ready to hit our A routes, our B routes and go through all of our designated snow routes.”

Based on the snow totals predicted, Harris said, crews could be working through Thursday.

“One thing that we have to consider is that after the event, we have piles of snow,” said Harris. “We have to remove that snow off the street. That can take some time.”