REPUBLIC, Mo.–The Republic School District is pushing for MODOT to create a safer road near the high school. The intersection just north of the high school at Highway M and Farm Road 103 is dangerous and known for traffic crashes. 

“The school district brought the concerns to MODOT and to the city and MODOT kind of took that on cause it was concerns with issues with traffic issues coming out of the school and just accidents coming out of the school,” says Brad Gripka of MODOT. 

Right now, Highway M has a right hand turn lane into the high school, but no left hand turn lane onto Farm Road 103-resulting in accidents. By adding a roundabout, Gripka says it should help prevent some of those crashes.

“It does help reduce those accidents and it’s just at lower speeds too whereas with signalized intersections, if we had one in there, you would have people running red lights or higher speeds and it does help reduce those accidents,” says Gripka. 

In order to reduce accidents, Gripka says people must use the roundabouts correctly.

“You always have to be yielding and turning right through that roundabout so you’re always yielding to that traffic that’s coming from your left,” says Gripka. 

MODOT’s roundabout will have different facets to it.

“As you’re coming in from both sides on Route M and then you’ll have Farm Road 103 coming into it and then also the leg coming from the school so they’ll be four legs into the roundabout,” says Gripka. 

The roundabout project will start in mid March and is expected to be finished by mid August before students go back to school.