SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — As school shootings continue to impact communities across the country, there are heightened concerns over students and staff’s safety.

Missouri lawmakers are working on a bill that would add more security measures to school districts statewide.

This week, the Missouri House of Representatives passed House Bill 1108, which would require schools to add bullet-resistant doors and windows by the 2024-2025 school year.

I spoke with officials from Springfield Public Schools who told me safety and security measures are a top priority.

“We’ll be watching that closely and just like any piece of legislation, we’ll be working with those entities to make sure it would be rolled out effectively but the good news is Springfield voters have approved the resources necessary to take immediate steps,” said Chief Communications Officer Stephen Hall.

As part of a wide-ranging public safety bill, Missouri schools would be required to install bullet-resistant doors for all first-floor entryways and bullet-resistant glass “for each exterior window large enough for an intruder to enter.”

Across the country, 14 school shootings have taken place this year, according to Education Week

Many schools in the Ozarks have already taken measures to ensure the safety of their students and staff.

SPS, along with 10 other school districts, will have more funding since voters approved bond issues in the April municipal election. The money from the bond issue will go toward safety and security upgrades starting next school year.

“Upgraded security cameras, door sensors, and alarms, also for roof access and safety alarms and then most importantly the shatter-resistant film we will be applying to all ground floor windows at every SPS school,” said Hall.

The bill is now heading to the Missouri Senate and if it passes, the bill would need to be signed into law by Governor Parson.

The security upgrades will be paid for using a Classroom Trust Fund which the state said would cost around $5 million.

SPS said if the bill is signed into law, they would work with different entities to make sure everything is done properly.