WRIGHT COUNTY, Mo. – The Wright County Sheriff’s Department has confirmed that an inmate uprising at the county jailhouse on Saturday night has been contained.

Around 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 5, the Wright County Sheriff’s Department received a call that seven to eight inmates at the jail refused to lock down after several commands to do so.

The sheriff’s department followed standard operations for the situation and called in the Special Operations Group, a tactical team, to diffuse the uprising. Mountain Grove and Mansfield law enforcement also responded with aid.

“Any time we call in the team is called into the jail, we stage ambulances and first responders just in case the incident doesn’t get resolved the way we want it to,” said Wright County Sheriff Sonny Byerley.

The facility was on lockdown within 30-45 minutes. and was resolved without injuries. The sheriff says the disturbance was never a threat to society.