SPRINGFIELD, Mo.- A GoFundMe for local sportscaster Art Hains has raised tens of thousands of dollars in less than three days. 

A family member tells KOLR10 Art Hains will be transported to a facility in Nebraska that specializes in West Nile Virus rehab and recovery 

“He’s made some improvement. You know, he got the use of his hands a little bit to squeeze things. He’s on the lowest setting on the ventilator now, doing a lot of breathing on his own during the day.” Chris Hains, Art’s son said.

He says Art is working past West Nile Virus.

Many are helping however they can in his journey back to the broadcasting booth.

So far, a GoFundMe has raised tens of thousands of dollars in less than three days.

Chris Hains says the support reminds him of a famous movie scene.

“When I saw the GoFundMe, I was like, ‘You’re kind of like George Bailey from It’s a Wonderful Life and everybody’s just coming to the table to support you, and it just shows you the impact he’s had.”

People who know Art or listen to him on the radio say the support isn’t surprising at all.

“I think we’ve just started to see the tip of the iceberg, really. I think as people become aware that this is available for him, there’ll be donations that are far and wide throughout the entire Midwest.” Dennis Heim, Art’s football broadcasting partner said.

“I’ve just been blown away by how supportive everyone has been about this, especially Chiefs fans who have reached out to me. They really are rooting for art. They want the best for him. They think a lot of him.” Chiefs Digest writer Matt Derrick said. “I think it speaks volumes about what kind of a person art is and the impact that he’s made on people.”

“Every time you think about the news broadcast this year, you wait to listen to Art, you know, post and pre, and yeah, we’ll miss that. I hope he gets back next year.” Brad Youngs, a member of the Wolf Den said, a group that supports Kansas City Chiefs football said.

It’s an effort that doesn’t go unnoticed in the Hains household.

“My mom even said this is really restoring her faith in humanity. It’s just everybody’s love and it just shows the impact that he’s personally had on so many people.” Chris Hains said. “I know in the future we’re going to probably take a lot of pressure off my mom and my dad going through that.”

Chris Hain says the next step is for Art to stay at a facility in Nebraska that specializes in recovery and rehab regarding West Nile Virus. He says that process could take months.

Rob Fulp, who started the GoFundMe spoke to KOLR10 on the phone and says the reason he started the fundraiser was that it was the right thing to do.