OZARK COUNTY, Mo. – A man from Ozark County was indicted Tuesday on accusations he left a threatening voicemail on the cell phone of an election official in Arizona.

Walter Hoornstra is charged with one count of communicating an interstate threat and one count of making a threatening telephone call. Hoornstra lives in Tecumseh, Missouri.

The indictment accuses Hoornstra of leaving the voicemail on the phone of a Maricopa County, Arizona election official in May of 2021.

The voicemail said: “So I see you’re for fair and competent elections, that’s what it says here on your homepage for your recorder position you’re trying to fly here. But you call things unhinged and insane lies when there’s a forensic audit going on. You need to check yourself. You need to do your [expletive] job right because other people from other states are watching your [expletive.] You [expletive] renege on this deal or give them any more troubles, your [expletive] will never make it to your next little board meeting.”

The FBI office in Phoenix, Arizona is investigating the case.

The Justice Department’s Election Threats Task Force was formed in June 2021 to partner with FBI offices and local authorities to investigate and prosecute threats made to election officials.

In other parts of the country, election officials continue to receive threats. All three election officials in Gillespie County, Texas — just west of Austin — resigned their positions because of threats and stalking. This left the office empty less than three months before the November election.