SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — “Sharing Stories of the Crossroads” is a history-themed radio program created by The History Museum on the Square on 92.3 FM.

This week, host John Sellars spoke with author and journalist Kaitlyn McConnell about Ozarks Alive. The two historians spoke about her journey in writing about history when she was 17 years old that would result in her becoming History Channel’s Student of the Year in 2007 and her current project Ozarks Alive.

“She just travels the Ozarks, travels the country, and … meets people and captures a little slice of life, actions, and activities,” said Sellars. He said the way she documents how people live now will be wonderful for people in the future who might wonder what life was like back in the day.

“I was kind of blown away by it in a way and very envious in another way to just be able to have that amount of time and that … wonderful interest in that kind … of life,” admitted Sellars. He said he wished he had captured more of what it was like 60 years ago around his family home.

According to Ozarksalive.com, Ozarks Alive is a cultural preservation project that seeks to document the region’s people and places. Since its inception in 2015, more than 450 stories have been published about the region and its people. Most of these pieces cover southwest Missouri, but others dip down into Arkansas. While some are historical in nature, the vast majority tell of what life is like today.

Next week, Sellars said he will be talking about the history of automobile racing culture and the old Fairgrounds Raceway.

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