REPUBLIC, Mo.- People who knew the two teenagers who died in a single-car crash in Republic Saturday night are remembering their friends. 

“That’s the only way I can really explain them. Always put a smile on your face. Always had something goofy to say,” Dakota Johnson said. 

“I still don’t believe it’s true. I don’t want to believe it’s true.” Seth Fenton said. 

Friends of Wyatt Barnes and Maverick Beaman continue to show up to a memorial set up on Farm Road 170 in Republic. 

The Highway Patrol said four people were inside the car when it crashed and only one wore a seatbelt. 

“I called Wyatt’s parents and asked how everything was, and they had no idea it had happened,” Fenton said. “It was terrible. Like the voice, like the tone in their voices. When I told them what had happened to their son, it was just horrible.” 

“We got (to the crash site) fast as we could, but it was so dark that you couldn’t really see anything,” Johnson said. “The next morning, we came out here as early as we could to see everything that had happened.” 

Basketball was a common bond between Barnes and Beaman. 

“We all played basketball together quite a bit, actually. Um, we love just driving around and just going out and having fun,” Fenton said. 

“My favorite memory with Wyatt was probably about two weeks ago he was playing basketball,” Johnson said. “I kind of tackled him a little bit and just got to goof around. I don’t know how to explain it. It was just kind of all those bromance moments, I guess. And Maverick, as I said, nobody could put a smile on your face as he could. Never a bad day. Always funny.” 

The impacts of Barnes and Beaman are still felt by the friends that know them well. 

“They were both just so funny and kind and they were just they would light up a room if they walked in like one joke, they would make everyone happy,” Fenton said. “They didn’t deserve all that happened to them. They had kind hearts. I just want to say I love them.” 

You can check out both GoFundmes for the families of Maverick Beaman and Wyatt Taylor Barnes in the links.