SPARTA, Mo. – Heading into 2023, pharmacies across the nation continue to struggle to keep medications in stock.

The shortages are impacting local pharmacists as they navigate how to treat patients.

“We’re seeing shortages on children antibiotics, liquid Tylenol and Ibuprofen for children over the counter,” said Libby Phillips, who is a pharmacist at Phillips Pharmacy in Sparta. “Many of the stimulant medications that are used to usually treat like ADHD.”

The FDA said manufacturing problems are to blame for some of these drug shortages.

People on social media expressed the struggle to find certain medications.

Phillips said there are options out there for people, it just might not be what was originally prescribed.

She said she works with doctors to try to find alternatives. It’s a process of working one-on-one with patients.

“They will look at the diagnosis, and then we’ll read off every drug that we have, and they’ll pick one from that list,” said Phillips.

However, she said not every pharmacy is taking that extra step.

She worries some people are getting turned away and going without treatment.

Currently, Phillips said an end to the shortages is not in sight.