BRIGHTON, Mo. – Egg prices soaring in grocery stores have some thinking about ways they can save.

Instead of coming to a big box store, some are looking for a more local option.

“My business has increased,” said Heather Bielek, who owns Heather’s Feathers egg business in Brighton. “I’d say demand is greater than my output at the moment. Hopefully, that will change, and I’ll be able to keep up with demand.”

Bielek said raising chickens all started as a hobby a few years ago.

Now, with the prices rising at the store, more people are wondering if she has some extra eggs to spare.

She said she tries to keep her prices low.

“$3 for the chicken eggs,” said Bielek. “$4 for the duck eggs.”

A lot of people may be looking at the option of starting a similar setup in their backyards.

For those people now looking into having their own eggs, she said, there are things to keep in mind.

“Do your research on breeds and know what you want,” said Bielek.