OZARK, Mo.- A message from the young man who saved two dogs from a burning home in Ozark. The family is safe, but their home is lost and not all pets made it out alive. How a stranger stepped in to save the pets he could.

A good Samaritan rescued two dogs from a house fire in Ozark Saturday night before the area fire departments battled flames and neighbors watched in panic.

We spoke with Landon Davis the good Samaritan about his kind act of bravery. He told us what was going through his mind just moments before he took matters into his own hands.

“Started banging on all the windows and decided to start kicking the door in to see if anyone was inside. It was definitely intense. I mean, I was it was a little nerve-wracking at first” said Davis.

Landon Davis was in this Ozark neighborhood visiting friends Saturday night when they saw the back of a home on fire just before 8:00 pm. Ozark, Nixa, and Sparta fire departments all were on their way to the housefire but Davis didn’t wait for fire trucks to show up.

Davis explained, “As I pulled up the back right corner of the house there were flames probably ten feet above the house when I got there. It spread very quickly”

Though the family wasn’t home neighbors told Davis that pets were trapped inside.

“I busted the door with the help of another neighbor. I’m glad I got the dogs out of there” said Davis.

The Ozark Fire Protection District, who responded just minutes later, says the house was 50% engulfed in flames when they arrived. Davis and the neighbor saved the family’s 2 dogs before fire officials arrived. Unfortunately, two of the family’s three cats were also in the home and couldn’t be saved. One cat survived.

Davis says a scary childhood experience of his own caused him to act so quickly.

“I mean, I know it’s easy to get trapped in something like that, and my dad did it for us when I was a little kid. I’m sorry for your loss. I hope you guys can save anything still intact” said Davis.

Davis says that he hasn’t talked with the family, but the neighbors who were there during the fire kept the dogs until the family returned home.