OZARK, Mo. – Ozark South Elementary school honored Veterans Day with a parade and assembly Friday and even welcomed a WWII veteran to join students in recognizing those who have served.

Family members of students who are veterans or who are actively serving in the military were invited. They were treated to breakfast before being part of a parade through the hallways.

During an assembly, students learned about Honor Flight of the Ozarks and heard from several veterans. One of those speakers was WWII D-Day veteran Jack Hamlin.

Ozarksfirst talked to a student and her mother, who is a veteran, about Friday’s event and why honoring those who have served our country is important.

“I’m excited because I get to spend time with my mom,” said Natalia Starr.

“I think it’s wonderful,” said U.S. Army veteran Lelia Starr. “Especially for the younger kids because I think they have a concept of what it means, but they don’t see the faces of the people that represent them in the military until an event like this happens.”