OZARK, Mo.– Bear Thomas found out last week that one of his sunset photos received 1.7 million likes on the Facebook Marketplace. 

Thomas has been recreationally shooting photos for over 45 years. In 2015, he lost his eyesight in his right eye, while his left eye has 20/100 vision. Not only did he lose his sight, Thomas also had a quadruple bypass and had half of both of his feet amputated due to diabetes.

Now that he is always home, he focuses on his photography which landed him a paying job shooting the Top of the Rock Golf Course, the Lost Canyon Cave and Trail, and the Big Cedar Lodge for Bass Pro Shops owners Johnny and Jeanie Morris.

Despite his disabilities, Thomas continues to stay positive. To anyone who loses hope due to illness, he says, “Don’t ever give up. Cause I won’t ever give up. Stay with your passion. Work with what you’ve got, ’cause I had to. I’m just going to enjoy life and share what God gave me the ability to do and hopefully, that will put a smile on somebody’s face.”

Below is a slideshow of some other pictures taken by Bear Thomas: