NIXA, Mo. – A Nixa Public Schools teacher is trying out a fun way of teaching her students using the Super Bowl as a theme.

At the John Thomas School of Discovery, Susan Hansche, who teaches transitional kindergarten, said that after the Chiefs won the AFC championship she wanted to do something fun with her class. She came up with a lesson that involved her favorite football team, the Kansas City Chiefs.

In the lesson, the kids learned about how the game works, some of the players, how a football is made, and how to celebrate. The kids also learned how to make pom poms, and how to play some tailgating games like cornhole, and face painting. 

Today they practiced counting by using 2 large dice to signify how many yards were gained and lost and then counting the scoreboard.

During halftime, the students earned tickets and learned how to purchase and save their currency for snacks and toys.

The class was visited by players of the Nixa High School Football team, which Hansche admitted that some of her students thought they were actual Chiefs players.

“They came and talked to us yesterday about things like the importance of doing well in school. That it’s not just about being strong and fast, but it’s about being smart. It’s about being hard-working. It’s about perseverance and it’s about character and cooperation,” said Hansche.

Watch the video above to see a clip of the class learning about touchdowns.