ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. — Missouri Sen. Bill Eigel (R-Weldon Spring) plans to renew his efforts to abolish personal property taxes on vehicles and other items.

Earlier this year, Eigel sponsored a bill to phase out personal property taxes for the entire state by 2026.

Sen. Doug Beck (D-south St. Louis County) amended the bill so the phaseout would only apply to St. Charles County. The amendment advanced in the Senate, but its fate is yet to be decided.

Meanwhile, Eigel plans to reintroduce his measure to include all of Missouri. Eigel said he hopes other senators will join him in expanding it beyond St. Charles County to bring Missouri in line with the other 29 states that don’t have personal property taxes.

St. Peters Mayor Leonardo Pagano called the move a bad idea, saying it will deprive local governments of funds needed to pay for vital public services.

“When it was first brought to the whole state, the majority of the state said no,” said Pagano. “So, why is St. Charles County going to be the guinea pig? I have a problem with that.”

While Eigel is hopeful, he does admit there is a good chance he might only be able to pass a measure that would impact his home turf of St. Charles County.