JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Missouri Senator Roy Blunt played a role on Inauguration Day as the chairman of the Inauguration Committee.

While President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were being sworn in, you could see Blunt standing right behind them.

The Missouri senator was responsible for the planning and executing the ceremonies on Inauguration Day, Jan. 20.

Blunt said though this inauguration had far fewer attendees than usual, he is happy the world got to see it happen.

“I’m pleased that we did it as effectively as we did,” said Blunt. “I’m pleased people all over the world got to see it. I’m glad they got to watch it at the exact location on the west front of the Capitol on that platform where presidents have been inaugurated now for 40 years. That they were able to look at that and see that our democracy still thrives, and we hope to be better all the time than we have been.”

Blunt hopes the new administration will choose issues to make real progress rather than choose more divisive issues to start.