NEWTON COUNTY, Ark. — The Newton County Sheriff’s Office in Arkansas says evidence has been found suggesting Jonathon Brantley, 20, could have decided to travel “across America” when he went missing on Thursday, August 6.

The Sheriff’s Office also says Brantley was having suicidal thoughts

“We really hope Brantley makes contact with someone or is contacted by law enforcement. We are very concerned for his well-being. He’s a very good young man and has a lot to offer and live for.” said Sheriff Glenn Wheeler. “One of our best hopes is the public’s help. Our initial Facebook post has been shared over 13,000 times. We truly appreciate everyone getting word out. Please continue to do so.”

Wheeler says the original post about Brantley was shared over 13,000 times and the law enforcement bulletin has been shared nationwide.

So far, Brantley has not used a debit card or any traceable electronics that the Sheriff’s Office is aware of.

If anyone has information on Brantley’s disappearance, please call the Newton County Sheriff’s Office at (870) 446-5124.

Photos of Brantley’s truck: