BRANSON, Mo. — Normally, roller coasters make a lasting impression on people who visit amusement parks. For a number of people last night in Branson, it was a train — and a Joplin woman was on it.

The Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train went off the tracks last night at Silver Dollar City shortly after 6 o’clock. An investigation into how it happened continues — but according to the Missouri Fire Marshal’s “Amusement Ride Safety Unit” — the train had an up-to-date operating permit.

160 people were on board. 7 were taken to a hospital with injuries — including Cindy Sundy from Joplin. She was there with a couple of friends — also from Joplin. Her injuries — severely bruised ribs and sore wrists.

“If the train hadn’t fallen to the right, because there was a hillside there and that caught the top of the train so no one was like trapped between that, I kind of fell out of the window and, of course, tried to brace myself with my hands because that’s what you do when you’re falling out of a train. But, if it had gone the other way, it would’ve been so much worse, so much worse,” Cindy said.

Sundy says park officials and emergency responders were on the scene relatively quickly last night — and an official from the park reached out to check on her this morning.