JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick is encouraging Missourians to check for unclaimed property.

“People say to me, ‘Oh, I don’t have any Unclaimed Property,’ but the reason it became unclaimed is the fact that you didn’t know you had it. That’s why I always tell people to check anyway,” Fitzpatrick said. “We hold over $1 billion that we want to put it back in the pockets of Missourians–so search and claim what is yours today!”

One in ten Missourians have Unclaimed Property, and the average return is nearly $300.

Financial institutions, insurance companies, public agencies, and other business entities must turn over assets, including cash and the contents of safe deposit boxes to the Treasurer’s Office by state law. Most of the unclaimed property is abandoned cash from bank accounts, stocks, bonds, the contents of safe deposit boxes, uncollected insurance policy proceeds, government refunds, utility deposits, and wages from past jobs. Click here to search for any unclaimed property.

The Treasurer’s Office also holds more than 100 military medals and insignia. Click here to search for these.