VANZANT, Mo. – The Prescott family has been raising reindeer for the past year and is inviting the public to visit the farm after Thanksgiving.

In its second year, the Prescott Family Reindeer Farm is offering a fun, unique Christmas tradition for the whole family.

“We searched for something new we could bring to the community and decided to tie in our Ag roots with a Christmas theme for all to enjoy,” said Owner Sara Prescott. “There are several families who raise reindeer in Missouri, but we currently are the only reindeer farm open to the public in the state.”

Prescott visited a reindeer farm in Illinois five years ago which sparked her interest in the animals and eventually led to her owning her own.

She opened the Prescott Family Reindeer Farm in November of 2021. It is located at RR1 Box #114, in Vanzant, south of Mountain Grove.

“They are unlike any other animal we have raised on the farm,” She said. The farm also raises cattle, horses, llamas, alpacas, mini donkeys and mini horses.

She said unlike all the other animals on the farm, reindeer absolutely love winter – the colder the better.  Their hair coat is extremely thick even though they have straight hair.  Their hollow hair allows them to stay warm in severe cold.

“Their noses are one of my favorite things- not only because they are adorable- but because they are one of the very few animals to have hair on them,” Prescott said.  “It tickles your hand when we feed them and also warms the air they breathe in cold conditions.”

The farm experience involves a visit with Santa, a Santa’s workshop for arts and crafts, picture opportunities, a bakery and an up-close experience with most of the animals.

“Our favorite is to watch them run and jump.  They are super active animals who love all the attention we give them.  We work with them daily to ensure they are tame so that when guests come to the farm, they can have an up and close experience with them also,” said Prescott.

The Prescott Family Reindeer Farm holiday season begins the Friday after Thanksgiving to Christmas time.

For a look at the farm’s schedule, click here.