WAYNESVILLE, Mo. – New travel options are coming to people in the Fort Leonard Wood region.

Direct flights to and from Nashville and Dallas will soon be available next month at the Waynesville – St. Robert Regional Airport.

The news has the town buzzing. “It will really open up our area for travel,” said Beth Wiles with the Pulaski County Tourism Bureau.

For locals, catching a flight closer to home can be more convenient than having to go to Springfield or St. Louis.

The airport is located at Fort Leonard Wood on the army installation. However, anyone is welcome to board a flight.

“I was excited because we have family from Texas, and I used to live near Nashville,” said Judy Garner with Fort Wood Hotels. “I was super excited to use the airport more.

“When it comes to tourism, Garner said, the hope is that the new flights can put Pulaski County more on the map.

“We have a lot of people come for trainings, reunions, weddings,” said Garner.

“We have 379 rooms in our five hotels that we are super excited that the easier travel is going to be so much easier for them.

“Wiles said there are plenty of things for people to see and do in the community.

Ozarksfirst checked the prices on the new flights through Contour Airlines.

A weekend trip to Nashville in October, Friday through Sunday, was pulling up for around $200. To learn more, click here. https://www.flyflw.com/