JOPLIN, Mo. — A local restaurant’s video of their April Fool’s Day dessert has become a viral video sensation.

MacCheesy’s in Joplin created a TikTok video that was released on April Fool’s Day.

The video, which you can watch HERE, shows the creation of “The Deluxe Mac & Cheese Milkshake,” from start to finish.

The video ends with MacCheesy’s co-owner, Sophia Hamid, taking a sip of the so-called “prank-shake,” and then proudly smiling.

Sophia Hamid, along with MacCheesy’s owner, Sherif Magd, said they came up with the video and “latest menu item” as an April Fool’s Day joke, not only for their social media followers, but for their employees too.

Sherif Magd said his employees weren’t sure what to think about the new addition to their menu, and acted “very confused and oddly quiet” until it was revealed that the new milkshake was in-fact, a prank, and not an actual item they would be serving to customers.

Many of those who watched the “milkshake” creation video, were also just as confused as MacCheesy’s employees, said Magd.

However, to his surprise, many people were asking one question:

VIDEO: Social Media Followers Insist On Trying “Milkshake”

MacCheesy’s April Fool’s Day Video Goes Viral

Following MacCheesy’s original TikTok video of the milkshake creation on April 1st, the video has racked up over 6 million views, more than 364,000 “likes,” and approximately 35,000 comments on TikTok.

MacCheesy’s Owner, Sherif Magd said a follow-up video had to be made, informing the public that the Deluxe Mac & Cheese Milkshake, was simply a fun prank and not a new menu item.

The overwhelming response prompted the MacCheesy’s team to release a few follow-up videos, reacting to some of best comments to their super cheesy creation.

You can watch one those videos, HERE.

Both Magd and Co-Owner, Sophia Hamid said they have not re-made the prank-shake since making the original one for their TikTok video.

However, the two are considering remaking the shake; this time, making it more appealing for their die-hard fans who insist on trying the April Fool’s Day invention.

Hamid said she never imagined the response that would come from an April Fool’s prank video:

VIDEO: Reaction To TikTok Creation Going Viral

MacCheesy’s only location is currently in Joplin, but the team of Magd and Hamid have decided to expand by franchising the macaroni and cheese inspired restaurant.

Their April Fool’s viral video has helped with exposure.

Magd anticipates a new MacCheesy’s location to open in Springfield later this year.

The restaurant Owner said he’s currently looking to expand with a location in Branson and Northwest Arkansas.

Right now, Magd said he’s filtering through more than 600 franchise applications.